David Shrigley - Lost Filofax, 1998

“If all cosmos were the same distance apart, gravity would pull them all in the same direction. They’d remain perfectly aligned, and precisely nothing would happen. Irregularity, imperfection, and lack of order in hydrogen compacts, atoms of gas gravitating away from each other, and compressed temperatures is what created our universe. Perfection in our galaxy simply does not exist. Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.” —Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking: ‘The Story of Everything’ 
Utilize this as an analogy next time attempt to undermine your self-worth caused by fallacious and subjective standards one must meet in order to attain aesthetic appeal. Symmetric cannot be created if its source is asymmetric.

guys, i don’t know what to tell you but when your school is 70% females you can time and again see the male ego expand, and these dudes expose themselves for what they really are: complete pieces of shit

i miss the feelign of being wanted

honestly I am just so happy to have this tree because I needed a little friend to take care of


next time someone tells you Muslim countries oppress women, let them know Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, and Senegal have all had female Presidents or Prime Ministers and 1/3rd of Egypt’s parliament is female but the US has yet to even have a female vice president and can’t say “vagina” when discussing female reproductive rights

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i was listening to this & fall out boy earlier & felt an urge to update my myspace top 8

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